•   11 months ago

Hackathon project ideas


For those who would need inspiration on what to build during the hackathon, I’m creating this discussion to start brainstorming ideas. Feel free to post any idea you have in mind or comment on existing ones.

A few ideas I have in mind:

- A fork of MolochDAO or 1Hive where funds are redirected to a DeFi service, like Compound Finance, and projects get funded with the generated interests.

- A voting app where members stake their ERC-20 tokens, but where the locking time is also taken into account. The value of a user’s vote is proportional to the amount of tokens locked and the duration of this lock.

- Many apps use the `onlyOwner` modifier or a similar pattern to restrict access to critical functions, like upgrading a proxy target or changing a critical contract value. It would be interesting to see governance experimentations with apps that replace this pattern with a DAO where each member votes on whether or not the specified function should be executed.

What are your ideas?


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