The leading minds in the cryptocurrency space are joining over 500 hackers from around the world to collaborate together on decentralized applications using Ethereum. With an exponential increase in adoption, developer interest, and other teams building on top of Ethereum, there has never been a better time to be a part of the community, building Web 3.0.

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$74,201 in prizes

ETHWaterloo Finalists (5)

The finalists of ETHWaterloo

0x and UMA

0x and UMA award a joint bounty of $1,000 USD in ZRX + 1,000 DAI to the project that has the most innovative use of 0x for Synthetic Asset Tokens built on UMA

AZTEC Protocol

The AZTEC Protocol will award a $1000 prize for the best use of the AZTEC SDK in an app.

Celer (3)

Celer will award 3 awards: cGamer: $1500 for the best and complete game built using Celer Network, cInnovator: $1000 for the most creative application using Celer Network, and cBUIDLer: $500 for the first 2 teams that submitted using Celer SDK or CelerX Gaming SDK.

Chainlink (3)

Chainlink will award three projects $1000 for the best use of Chainlink oracles.

Coinbase (2)

Coinbase will award 2000 USDC total, 1000 USDC for best use of USDC and 1000 USDC for best use of Coinbase APIs.

ConsenSys Grants

ConsenSys Grants will award 1000 DAI to the best project from one of the 5 possible grants categories (infrastructure L1/L2, usability/dev tooling, security, social impact, or education/technical knowledge).

dfuse (3)

dfuse will award 5,000 DAI worth of prizes to 5 projects based on 2 criteria: 1. User Experience: Projects that will stand out with the most fluid and lively user experience. 2. dfuse Integration: Projects that best integrate the unique capabilities of dfuse Search and dfuse Transaction Lifecycle. More info at:

Enigma (5)

Enigma will award a grand prize of $1500 and two runner up prizes of $500 for the best use of Enigma network.

ENS (5)

ENS will award $200 in ETH to each of the best 5 projects to integrate ENS.

Ethereum Foundation (2)

The Ethereum Foundation will award $1000 to 5 teams who tackle any of the key ETH2.0 projects featured in this blog post:

Fortmatic (4)

Fortmatic will award $3,000 CAD to the top 3 teams who build dApps that integrates Fortmatic as a login or key management option. A $2500 grand prize and a $250 runner-up prize for two teams.

Matic (2)

SKALE Labs (4)

SKALE Labs will award 8 prizes to best dApps deployed to SKALE or using capabilities of SKALE's decentralized stack, two $1000 grand prize winners and six $500 runner up prizes.

The Graph (4)

The Graph will award 5 prizes of 1000 DAI to each of the best new subgraphs on The Graph Explorer or the best use of a subgraph in a dApp.


Thundercore will award 7 prizes with a total value of up to $4500 for the best use of ThunderCore.

Torus Labs (7)

Torus Labs will award one grand prize of $1500 in ETH for the DApp with the best use case for Reddit, Twitch, or Discord logins with Torus, one prize of $500 in ETH for the best DApp that fully utilises Torus' name resolver feature, one prize of $500 in ETH for the best DApp that integrates Torus with hashed timelock contracts for distributing airdrops, one prize of $500 in ETH for the best DApp that implements proof of signing for documents (DocuSign) with Torus, one prize of $500 in ETH for the best DApp that integrates Torus with Aragon or other DAO factories, one prize of $500 in ETH for the best DApp that integrates Torus with other smart contract wallets, and finally one prize of $500 for the best DApp that integrates Torus with other Layer 2 Solutions.

TrustToken (2)

TrustToken will award 5000 TCAD for best use of TCAD, and 1500 TCAD for the second-best use.


UMA will award 2,000 DAI, split equally between the most creative implementation or use of UMA’s Synthetic Asset Token design, and the project using UMA’s Synthetic Asset Token design that is most likely to become a mainnet DeFi project with a clear go-to-market strategy.

UX Prize by OST/Pepo (3)

OST will award 3 UX prizes to the projects with the best UX, built on any technologies. To submit for the UX prizes, please submit this form The project with the best UX will win $2000 in OST Tokens (ERC-20). The runner up for best UX will receive $1000 in OST. The project with the best innovation in web wallets will receive $2000 in OST.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin

Joey Krug

Joey Krug

Sinead Bovell

Sinead Bovell

Evan Van Ness

Evan Van Ness
Week in Ethereum

Will Warren

Will Warren

Min Teo

Min Teo

Jeff Coleman

Jeff Coleman

Austin Griffith

Austin Griffith
Ethereum Foundation

Camila Russo

Camila Russo
The Defiant

Lasse Klausen

Lasse Klausen

Scott Moore

Scott Moore

Ken Ng

Ken Ng
Ethereum Foundation

Judging Criteria

  • Technical
    The completeness and functionality of the project, and the relevancy of the resources utilized to accomplish the goal of the project.
  • Original
    A project that hasn’t been done before, or doesn’t currently exist. The project addressing a new or unsolved problem, or creating a unique solution to an existing problem.
  • Ambitious
    The complexity of the problem being addressed, or the approach to solving it.
  • Design and User Experience
    The user experience and flow of the project is pleasant and delightful.
  • Wow Factor
    The project is exceptional in some manner.

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